A Salute to the Text Messaging App

There are many reasons to use text messaging. After all, recent research from Google confirms what you inherently know —the default text messaging app on all phone platforms (iOS or Android) is the most used app on the phone.

The default text message app is used more than email (are people even using email anymore?). It is used more than the phone’s camera. And, it is used more than any social media app. Think about that. Think about how much energy and discussion surrounds social media. Think about the bajillions of dollars of value. Think about the most popular social media tools. And, think about the 100 other attempts at a social media platform. And, know this: not one of them is used more than the phone’s text messaging app.

The humble messaging app. It sits there…ready. It does not require a version update every two days. It (usually) does suddenly quit in the middle of viewing. The app (and its makers) does not find the highest bidder to sell your information to, something that social media platforms have been (sadly) exploiting as a revenue source for years. It is always there –for quick bits of humor of vital information to keep your day going.

So, to the faithful messaging app, on behalf of the billions and billions of users… “We salute you!”.

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Incentives in Text Message Marketing in the Restaurant Industry

“To incent, or not to incent: that is the question…” – Hamlet (William Shakespeare)

OK, OK. This is not exactly the line that Shakespeare put in his famous play. However, the question “to incent or not to incent?” drives through many business owners’ minds when they consider their marketing and advertising options. Business owners have a flood of options to choose – TV, radio, print, social media, email, text marketing, etc. Then they face a whole slew of questions as to how to pull off a successful marketing campaign (what copy? what imagery? etc.). On top of all that, of course, is the question: to incent or not to incent? How can you decide?

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Improvements in Court Management: Jury Text Messaging

Some trends in jury management come and go, but jury communication has been the same for many years. Picture this — you send the form letter, the letter includes the number (maybe some additional “options” too) that leads the juror to a voice message that you have to record. Does this sound familiar? Probably because this method is used by clerks across the country for years.

What if you could save lots of your time, improve your juror combination, and nearly eliminate jury absenteeism in one fell swoop?

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Launching A Prayer Campaign In A Digital World

At Osborne Baptist Church, we believe prayer is a big deal. In April 2018, we began a church-wide 40-day prayer campaign with an emphasis on deepening our prayer lives and drawing people closer to God through prayer. Our main goals were to help people understand how to pray, what to pray for, and encourage them to actually pray more! We live in a digital world where everything is connected and accessible at the touch of a finger and in order to give our people valuable prayer tools we knew they would use, we had to turn to digital solutions.

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FAWN Leverages Txtsignal Freeze Alerts to Salvage Florida Winter Crops

The State of Florida is known as Snowbirds paradise. With warm, tropical year-around climate, the Sunshine State is often revered as a safe harbor for those seeking shelter from frosty temperatures up north. According to NPR, this is the third year in a row in which “the lower two-thirds of the contiguous U.S. are likely to see warmer-than-average temperatures.”

Despite the forecast for warmer-than-expected Winter weather, Florida farmers take winter months seriously. Though warm weather is expected this season, many of Florida’s staple crops require temperature monitoring to keep them from freezing and potentially dying due to sudden declines in temperature.

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SMS for Churches Part 5: Manage the Day-to-Day

Note: this article is the final installment of our five-part series on how churches and youth groups use text messaging. You can read our fourth article on driving deeper connections here.

When you’re managing a group of 10+ people, being able to get out a quick text message to everyone at the same time is very important. The phrase “everyone on the same page” should come to mind. A text message is the most time-precise, most quickly read communication medium available. Period. 

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SMS for Churches Part 4: Drive Deeper Connections

Note: this article is the fourth of our five-part series on how churches and youth groups use text messaging. You can read our third article on boosting internal communications here.

It’s time to get deep. Look, all of the regular happenings at the church can be fine. A smooth-running Sunday service? Yes please. A lively Wednesday night youth group with fun and whacky activities that still drives home a message? It’s what every youth leader hopes for every week. Lovely weather at the Fall Festival with families coming together and children playing? These traditions are part of the community that is a church. 

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SMS for Emergencies: Hurricane Irma, Propane Tanks, and Text Messages

150+ MPH winds, along with the massive force of a surging ocean are headed right for you and will make landfall in 6 days…what do you do? Some people chose to leave Florida altogether, but that’s not an option for many folks, whether by choice or circumstance.

The answer is: Get ready for whatever Mother Nature can throw at you. That’s what you do!

This story is about how two completely different companies came together and solved an emerging catastrophic problem.

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