There are many reasons to use text messaging. After all, recent research from Google confirms what you inherently know —the default text messaging app on all phone platforms (iOS or Android) is the most used app on the phone.

The default text message app is used more than email (are people even using email anymore?). It is used more than the phone’s camera. And, it is used more than any social media app. Think about that. Think about how much energy and discussion surrounds social media. Think about the bajillions of dollars of value. Think about the most popular social media tools. And, think about the 100 other attempts at a social media platform. And, know this: not one of them is used more than the phone’s text messaging app.

The humble messaging app. It sits there…ready. It does not require a version update every two days. It (usually) does suddenly quit in the middle of viewing. The app (and its makers) does not find the highest bidder to sell your information to, something that social media platforms have been (sadly) exploiting as a revenue source for years. It is always there –for quick bits of humor of vital information to keep your day going.

So, to the faithful messaging app, on behalf of the billions and billions of users… “We salute you!”.

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