Event Coordination with SMS

Use txtsignal to advertise your event, and keep staff coordinated on the big day.

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SMS Helps Your Event Run Smoothly

We know that organizing a conference or event requires a lot of organization. Even with the best planning, something always goes wrong. Group Text Messaging can help you to keep the show on the road even when things aren’t going to plan.

Texts for Internal Coordination

Keep volunteers and staff coordinated while an event or conference is in progress. A phone call could be intrusive, especially if a presenter is speaking. txtsignal allows you to discreetly notify multiple people right from your cell phone.

SMS Updates During the Event

Are you coordinating a large conference? Sending a text message is an easy way to inform participants about a time or room change for a panel. It’s instant, unintrusive, and much more reliable than an announcement on a loudspeaker.

Events & SMS Marketing

Marketing events and conferences can be a daunting task, but txtsignal makes it simple to get the word out and keep attendees coming back for more. Unlimited Keywords and Mobile Coupons are both great ways to attract new guests, and you can use our Insights to track contact growth.

Learn more about txtsignal’s features here.

Custom Auto-Responses

You can create custom messages that will be sent the instant someone texts-to-join your list. Customize this for different groups and create instant engagement.

Message Scheduling

txtsignal allows you to schedule messages for any date or time in the future. Schedule several messages leading up to your event to build anticipation.

Links to Surveys & Coupons

You can add links to any message you send. This is a great way to get new people in the door with mobile coupons, or to send a survey link to attendees when the event is over.

Advertise Anywhere with Keywords

All of our accounts have unlimited keywords built in. Keywords are the quickest way for people to text-to-join your list, and are easy to advertise in print, websites, and social media.

Self service plans include a 15 day free trial

Your free trial will include every feature that’s available for our paid accounts. That means Unlimited Keywords, Unlimited Groups, access to Insights and of course quick and easy group text messaging with replies.