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SMS Increases Efficiency

Phone calls and emails can be time-consuming. It would take quite a bit of time to call everyone involved to tell them of a new development on a deal, and if fellow agents are busy you might be left waiting for them to check their voicemail. The convenience and portability of SMS allows agents to check up on important developments, even when they can’t take a call or get back to their desk.

Instant Property Notifications

Yes, everyone has the MLS listings on their mobile devices. But, agents have to search or browse for good listings and this takes time. Agents need to be selling, not browsing. The agencies using txtsignal are able to help focus agents on selling the properties they have. It’s simple. It’s easy. It keeps the agents informed no matter where they are.

SMS Helps You Close the Deal

Is a potential deal about to go south? Instant texts make it simple for the agency partner to get involved when the sales team needs it most. The great part about using text is that an agent can quickly glance at their phone even when in the middle of other business. In the end, using txtsignal keeps the partner more effective, demonstrates the partner’s leadership, and closes the deal.

Connect Agents & Buyers

Real Estate Agents & Brokers are using group text messaging to help them save time and maximize profitability. txtsignal beats out email, which has only a 20% open rate, and offers useful advantages that you can’t get with standard text messages such as keyword text-to-join, custom auto-response messages, scheduling capabilities, and more. Group SMS is incredibly useful for real-estate agents, both internally and externally. Agencies are able to send out the best listings to their agents in seconds and can use texts to increase the likelihood of engaging potential buyers.

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Unlimited Keywords

All of our accounts have unlimited keywords. Advertise keywords on “For Sale” signs, your website, or social media pages. You can even create a different keyword for each of your properties.

Attract Potential Buyers with Auto Responses

Create custom auto-response messages that are sent automatically when someone joins your list. Boost engagement with potential buyers, and follow-up when it’s convenient for you.

Schedule Reminders

Agents need to manage their own calendar, but sending a text is a useful reminder. Schedule messages for any day/time in advance to keep your sales team up-to-date.

Group Texts Anywhere

Is there an unexpected issue with a deal, or do you need to inform your team you’re running late for a meeting? It’s simple to use txtsignal from your phone, even when you’re away from the office.

Self service plans include a 15 day free trial

Your free trial will include every feature that’s available for our paid accounts. That means Unlimited Keywords, Unlimited Groups, access to Insights and of course quick and easy group text messaging with replies.