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How txtsignal Can Help Churches

Youth pastors know they need to stay relevant when it comes to communication – especially among kids and teens. Thankfully, the text message is still the standout method of choice for keeping in touch with the younger generation. Teens love texting – in fact they send out an average of 60 texts a day! It’s quick, private, and included in almost every cell phone plan. txtsignal gives you all of the advantages of texting, but bypasses the limitations of a normal phone (such as the amount of people you can text at one time) while offering more features and better security.


Speak Their Language

Customize specific messages for your youth group, parents, or volunteers. Customizing messages helps your contacts to feel valued, and will be motivated to become more involved as a result.

Reminders, Prayers & More

Send reminders to students before events, or keep parents in-the-know about details for retreats, assignments, and more. Send texts with daily bible verses or other words of inspiration.

SMS Helps Churches Connect

Ministers & Educators use txtsignal to send out daily inspiration to students, coordinate group meetings, and inform parents and students of last-minute schedule changes. Using a group messaging service like ours gives you more control over how and when parishioners are informed about church activities. Learn more about all of our features here.

Two-Way Conversations

Students can reply to your messages, just like a standard text. This is a great way to build relationships, and to quickly address questions, submit prayer requests, and more.

Perfectly Timed Text Messages

Schedule texts in advance and choose exactly what time a message is sent. Use it to schedule several reminders leading up to an event, or before an assignment is due.

Unlimited Keywords & Groups

Create groups for parents, students, staff and more, then create a custom keyword for each one. New contacts can easily text the keyword to immediately start receiving messages relevant to them.

Easy Social Sharing

Make sure all of your bases are covered, schedule and share messages to Facebook & Twitter at the same time as you schedule your texts.

How txtsignal Can Help Nonprofits

Volunteering is huge for most nonprofits, unfortunately coordinating all of those volunteers isn’t so easy. With txtsignal, you can create different groups for each type of volunteer, or each event they will be involved with. Then, it’s easy to schedule as many messages as you want for any date or time in the future, so you can have a steady stream of reminders sent without taking too much time out of your busy schedule.

Add Links to Your Texts

You can add a link to any of your text messages. Add a link to your donation drive, or to details about an upcoming event.

Easily Connect with Keywords

Keywords are  easy to advertise and a convenient way to get customers, volunteers, and more subscribed to your SMS alerts. We offer unlimited keywords with every account, so you can be creative and test several different keywords.

Create Custom Messages

Set up  custom auto-response messages for your keywords. For instance, set up the keyword “DONATE” and when a potential donor subscribes, they can receive a message thanking them and a direct link to your donation page.

Reply Capability

With txtsignal, recipients to a group message can reply, just like a standard text. Easily coordinate volunteer schedules by text, and receive replies solidifying your plans.