Easily create digital coupons using txtsignal’s text message marketing technology to grow your business.

Almost all modern rewards systems are based on an incentive that aims to create a change in customer behavior. As a business, you want to change the customer behavior so that they come to your business and not your competitors. Over the last 20 years, rewards systems have evolved from paper punch cards to digital apps in an effort to do just that. There is a major drawback to this type of reward program, however—the reward happens at the point of sale, which is AFTER the customer has made the decision of where to bring their business.

Incentivizing your customer is most effective when it happens BEFORE they make that decision. Unfortunately, these reward programs do not change customer behavior prior to purchase. In some ways, the reward is for showing up, with businesses being used for a “free pass” and at the whim of the customer, not at the design of the business. Mitch Joel, famed author, and podcaster, has often said that “reward systems are nothing more than a bribe; that’s not loyalty, and that’s is no way to build a lasting relationship with your customer.” Pretty harsh, but there is a small aspect of reward systems that they get right—they offer some tracking.

Being able to track your efforts (fancy marketing folks call this “attribution”) is very important. And, luckily, most modern point-of-sale systems provide the ability to generate codes that can be used by staff at the point of purchase. Codes like this can be part of an on-site special (e.g., Happy Hour or BOGO) or placed in an advertisement. These types of incentives change customer behavior BEFORE they make their decision. “Hey, we should go to X because it’s Happy Hour” or “I got a coupon for buy-one-get-one-free at X.” These are effective ways to grow your business.

The real goal, again, is to create an offer that gets through to the customer any way possible. An offer that changes their behavior. An incentive that drives them into your business.

What if you could put your incentive into the fastest, most read, and most universal modern medium—a text message. Sounds cool, but complicated, right? Nope. That’s what we’ve done at txtsignal with our new custom Coupons feature. And, it’s really simple.

txtsignal can help you grow your business using text messaging and our innovative Coupons feature in just 5 steps:

  1. Create an incentive/coupon code on your POS
  2. Login and create your coupon inside txtsignal (Note: you can pick your brand colors, add images, and even do “fine print.”)
  3. Add your POS coupon code to the coupon
  4. Type your message and attach the coupon
  5. Send (or schedule) the message

That’s it! Coupons with txtsignal can work for restaurant marketing, retail, online marketing, and sales—anywhere an incentive can help drive business.

And if you don’t have a text marketing ready audience yet, our team of pros can help. In fact, since 2004 we have been helping all types of organizations build their audience. Along the way, we have become a top provider of text message marketing technology and services with options that fit from small to large. Reach out today and we’ll help you take the next step in marketing evolution.

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