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Send Mass Text Messages

txtsignal provides simple and powerful SMS marketing and bulk SMS technology for businesses and organizations, so you can reach your contacts the way they want to be reached.

Message Scheduling

No need to worry about sending messages while you’re busy! Schedule your text messages for any date at any time. Schedule one message or a multi-message campaign all at once.

Custom Auto-Responses

Offer value immediately with a custom auto-response when a customer opts in. Offer a discount, information, a link, and more.

Digital Coupon Builder

Create beautiful coupons to send to your customers via SMS. Include custom codes for your point of sale system, so customers can redeem on site.

Mobile Opt-In

Your customers opt in to your SMS list right from their phone. With just one text, your customer is added to your list and ready to receive messages from you.

Group Segmentation

Have multiple locations or different parts of your organization? Easily segmenting your subscribers allows your to send messages that are highly relevant to them.

Detailed Insights

txtsignal has a suite of insights available for you to keep track of your success in growing your SMS marketing list, what you’re sending, and how successful your message is.

Automatic Link Shortening

Include a link to your website or a specific landing page you’ve created, and txtsignal will automatically convert your link to a unique, autogenerated short link.

Automatic Link Tracking

With your custom link, you’ll be able to track everything about your campaign, right down to the click. After you send out your campaign, you can check how your link performed directly in your stream or in Insights.

Unlimited Keywords

Set up as many keywords as you like – keywords for different groups, different offers, or failover keywords that let customers opt in even if they misspell your keyword.

Unlimited Contacts

Your customers are why you’re in business. Because of that, we’ll never limit how many of your customers can opt in to receive messages from you.

Unlimited Groups

Create groups and segment your list in every way imaginable. Create as many groups as you like, each with an individual keyword and highly relevant messages from you.

Invite Contacts

Already know who your customers are? With txtsignal, you can invite your existing contacts to sign up with their phone number or email.

Social Media Integration

With our one-click social media integration, your campaigns will be instant as an SMS text message and automatically posted to social media.

2-Way Text Messages

Engage with your subscribers with 2-way text messages, right from your txtsignal stream. Collect feedback or answer questions easily, with free inbound messages.

Free Inbound Messages

Only use your credits for the messages you send. Texts from contacts, including opt-ins and inbound messages, are always free.

Single Send

Need to send a message to just one customer? It’s easy to select an individual contact for an individual message.

Web Signup

Allow your customers to sign up from any connected device with a unique web signup link.

Attach Images

When text is not enough, say more with images. Include up to 5 images with each message. We’ll host the images for you and link to them in your message.

Alternate Email Sending

If your contact prefers email communication, no problem! Contacts can always manage their own preferences, and your messages can easily be sent as an email instead of a text.

Rollover Texts

With rollover messages, any messages that you don’t use in one month will automatically be rolled over into the next month.

100% Carrier & CTIA Compliance

Our platform is 100% compliant with all carriers and CTIA regulations, so you never have to worry. Compliance is always taken care of.

Dedicated Support Team

Expert ­level support whenever you need it. Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with your SMS program and the txtsignal platform.

No Contracts

You always have the option to switch to a smaller or larger plan to fit your own unique needs, or to cancel your plan at any time. Our monthly, pay-as-you-go plans never have contracts.

Referral Program

Share the love! If an account that you’ve referred becomes a paying account, we’ll give them 10% off their first bill, and then we’ll give you 10% of their plan price off your own monthly fee, for as long as they subscribe.

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Unlimited Keywords
Unlimited Contacts

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Unlimited Keywords
Unlimited Contacts

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Full-Managed Services

The above plans are for those do-it-yourselfers, but if you want to save time and
get results fast, our team of experienced professionals is ready to help you build an audience and design text marketing messages that win. Monthly plans start at $499.

All plans include a 15 day free trial

Your free trial will include every feature that’s available for our paid accounts. That means Unlimited Keywords, Unlimited Groups, access to Insights and of course quick and easy group text messaging with replies.