Improvements in Court Management: Jury Text Messaging

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Some trends in jury management come and go, but jury communication has been the same for many years. Picture this — you send the form letter, the letter includes the number (maybe some additional “options” too) that leads the juror to a voice message that you have to record. Does this sound familiar? Probably because this method is used by clerks across the country for years.

What if you could save lots of your time, improve your juror combination, and nearly eliminate jury absenteeism in one fell swoop?

Say hello to txtsignal. txtsignal combines the power of compliant SMS text messaging with a simple, easy-to-use platform that will transform your Jury Communication process and improve your court management results.

“txtsignal has changed the game for us; over 80% of our jurors sign up for text. txtsignal gives our jurors time to prep for their service (jobs, childcare, etc)”

– Courtney Boatright, Clerk of Court


No More Voice Recording

There’s no need to take minutes to record your jury message. With txtsignal, you can quickly type up a message on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. Press send or schedule for a specific day and time and that’s it. Whether advising jurors of a daily scheduled, dismissing them due to settled cases, or (most importantly) reminding them when and where they need to show up, you’ll save time and be more effective.


No Data Entry

Eighty-five percent (85%) of jurors in jury pools elect to receive text messages. And, with a simple adjustment to your jury notice, txtsignal saves you even more time –no more data entry of phone numbers. Jurors can join your text list directly from their phone. They send a text message with a specific word (called a keyword) that you pick and they are added to your list. That’s it. Now, they are ready to receive your jury alerts. Jury communications made easy.

“Jurors love it. They like not worrying about calling in to receive their jury message. I like it because of the assurance of communication…I know the jurors will receive the message,”

– Lisa Niles, Clerk of Court


Improved Security & Compliance

Privacy and security are a key concern for court managers and txtsignal has you covered. Every session is encrypted with the highest level of security available –the same security used for online banking. There are lots of compliance regulations in the US, but we handle all of this for you. Every juror that joins your account will be 100% compliant with all federal regulations and standards. And, most importantly, txtsignal is the only text messaging service in the United States that guarantees that none of your account or contact information, no data patterns, contact communication patterns or any other account-specific detail will be available to a 3rd-party.


Saved Time & Lower Absenteeism

In the end, results are what matter. With txtsignal, you will save your time, you will make it easier to jurors to interact with you, and you *will* reduce the number of juror first-day absences. You will remove the possibility of a juror forgetting to call in. By being proactive with your communications, you will be pushing your message out.

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