SMS for Sports Teams

Use txtsignal to keep players, parents, bus drivers, volunteers, and more up-to-date at a second’s notice with convenient bulk SMS messages.

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Why Text Messaging Works

Imagine this: You’re a coach preparing the field for soccer practice when suddenly the clouds darken and a few drops fall from the sky. If you cancel practice now, you might just have a chance to warn parents before they make it to the field. As you head to your car, the drizzle becomes a downpour. You begin to call the team-members parents. By the time you’re halfway through the list, you’ve already noticed several cars parked at the field, and the voices on the other end of the line sound anything but cordial. Isn’t there an easier way? Of course there is. txtsignal allows coaches to instantly reach every parent – simultaneously! Group messaging saves time and lowers stress levels for parents and coaches alike.

Convenient for Parents

Text messages are the best way to inform parents when plans change. One of the most popular uses of txtsignal is to keep parents up-to-date in the event a field-trip is running later than scheduled, or when practice is rained out. It takes time to frantically call every parent when the unexpected happens. Miscommunication can lead to frustrated parents and wasted time, so we make it easy to schedule mass texts right from your phone.

Keeps Your Team Organized

Need to coordinate bus schedules for away games? That’s how the Atlanta Braves have used txtsignal for many years. Group messages also make it simple for them to communicate details such as what players should wear to games, and to schedule reminders leading up to important events.

More Than Just Texting

Why use txtsignal? The standard group messaging capability that all cellphones have is very limited. With txtsignal you can send to as many contacts as you want at one time. You can also sort your contacts into an unlimited number of groups, create unlimited keywords for people to text-to-join your list and schedule messages.

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Unlimited Groups

Send the right messages to the right people. With unlimited groups you can make groups for players, parents, volunteers, and more.

Schedule Messages

Schedule messages for any date and time in the future. This makes it easy to schedule reminders for the whole season at once.

Anytime, Anywhere

txtsignal makes it simple to send or schedule bulk messages from your computer, but you can also send to large groups right from your cell phone when you’re on the go.

Keywords for Easy Signup

Create unlimited keywords for your different groups to text-to-join instantly. Keywords are easy to advertise on websites, in newsletters, or on social media.

Full-Managed Services

The above plans are for those do-it-yourselfers, but if you want to save time and
get results fast, our team of experienced professionals is ready to help you build an audience and design text marketing messages that win. Monthly plans start at $699.

All plans include a 15 day free trial

Your free trial will include every feature that’s available for our paid accounts. That means Unlimited Keywords, Unlimited Groups, access to Insights and of course quick and easy group text messaging with replies.