New Features – Link Shortening and Tracking

You’ve planned out a great campaign and set up a link on your website… but that link pushes you way over your character limit! What do you do?

We’re happy to announce that long links are no longer an issue. With link shortening, just type in your link and txtsignal will automatically shorten it for you. And, with simplified native link tracking, you’ll know exactly what’s going on with your SMS marketing campaigns.

Have Your Campaign and Link It, Too

Starting this month, txtsignal will automatically shorten any links you include in your text message campaign.

Link shortening is simple: just type out your campaign like normal, include a link to your website or a specific landing page you’ve created, and txtsignal will automatically convert your link to a unique, autogenerated short link.

link shortening for text message marketing

That’s it!

Here’s what’s so great about link shortening:

  • It’s automatic, so there’s nothing for you to set up
  • Every link you send is unique
  • You have more room for a longer message in your campaign
  • Each link is automatically tracked (more on that later)

Have Your Link and Track It, Too

With your new custom link, you’ll be able to track everything about your campaign, right down to the click.

After you send out your campaign, you can check how your link performed directly in your stream.
Text message marketing link tracking stream


In addition, you have a new Insights category for Link Tracking, where you can see your success over time.

Text message marketing link tracking insights

Here’s what’s so great about link tracking:

  • It’s automatic, so there’s nothing for you to set up
  • Take control of your campaigns by knowing what works and what doesn’t
  • Easy-to-access analytics in your stream and in your Insights
  • Visualize your growth as your list grows and your campaigns improve

We hope automatic link shortening and tracking help you have even more success with txtsignal. As always, if you have any questions about your account, our designated support team is always here for you.

Matt Donovan, txtsignal CEOMatthew Donovan

Founder | txtsignal

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