A Crash Course in the Power of SMS Marketing

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Mass texting is a powerful technology. More than just a cutting-edge resource or a great idea, you can actually reach your customers through a device that’s right in their pocket, that comes preloaded with SMS capabilities.

But let’s take it a few steps further. Get ready for a crash course in the power of SMS marketing:

The Power of SMS Marketing

You build your audience. SMS marketing is unique in that it’s based on permission. Users join right from any phone made since 2005 that has text messaging enabled- virtually 100% of phones manufactured. Because they opt in to receive your messages, they’re highly qualified users- you’re marketing to people who want to hear from you.

You own your message. There’s a difference between earned, paid, and owned media. With your mass texting list, you own your message. With txtsignal’s platform, you can send up to 10,000 texts to your list per secondYour brand message, in their pocket, on a device they have on them all the time.

You broadcast directly. Mass texting is direct-to-consumer, with no added middlemen. You send a message to a certain group, and that message is delivered exactly as written and as intended.

You can track your results. Traditional broadcast media (like radio and TV) are expensive, broad, and are difficult to track. With SMS marketing, you know exactly how many people redeem your offer. With txtsignal’s built-in insights and integration with Google Analytics, you have powerful information at your fingertips.

The Power of SMS Marketing

Powerful Results

All that makes SMS marketing a powerful tool. The best part? It’s highly effective.

I’d be willing to guess that your cell phone is within eyesight right now. I can confidently make that assumption because people love their phones, and we like to keep them nearby.

According to a 2016 study from the Pew Research Center, 91% of Americans own a cell phone.

Every single cell phone on the market comes preloaded with text messaging. Most alert users to new messages with an audible, visual, and vibration alert. Alerts are even shown over other open applications.

That all leads to 98% of messages read within 2 minutes, and a 12-20% redeem rate.


SMS Marketing Read Rate


That’s exciting stuff! We get excited about it every single day, because it’s an incredible technology and it really works.

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