SMS Marketing

Want to engage with hundreds of customers instantly? It’s about time you tried text and mobile marketing.

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Text Message Marketing Can Grow Any Business

Print, web, and social media are all effective, but the text message can be a critical part of getting your brand, sale, or information to your audience. txtsignal is a complete marketing solution that gives you the ability to weave your marketing message into different media layers; to be able to schedule text messages to compliment other media; and be able to influence your audience at multiple touch points. Reinforcing your message across multiple platforms is an invaluable method of solidifying your brand identity, and making that identity known to the largest amount of customers possible.

All of our accounts include unlimited keywords, message scheduling, and social media integration. But, with our top tier plans, you can create and track targeted campaigns with a suite of powerful marketing features.

A Complete SMS Marketing Solution


Create Multiple Campaigns

SMS Campaigns are the best way to advertise to a large audience. With txtsignal, you can create unlimited campaigns with unique trackable links, integration with Google Analytics, and more.


Multiple Messages

Easily create and track multiple messages within a campaign. This is a terrific way to try out new ads through A/B testing – send one text or coupon to group A, and another to group B, then view the results right on your dashboard.


Track SMS Conversions

Insights help you measure engagement with your customers. Improve your SMS marketing campaign by using intelligently tracked URL links. This can help you understand who has clicked through from a text message, when they did so, and even what they did when they got there.


Insight Campaign Marketing

View insights right on your campaign dashboard, or in a downloadable report. View how many of your messages have been delivered, and how many people have clicked on your links. View your comprehensive campaign results, or see them broken down individually.

Track SMS Marketing in Google Analytics

Measure engagement

When you integrate txtsignal with Google Analytics a new category (“SMS”) will appear to allow you to measure the effectiveness of your text message marketing.

Track conversions and other business goals

See how these visitors behave on your site and whether they make transactions or fulfill other business objectives.

Optimize mobile marketing campaign content

Test different SMS messaging and optimize this based on hard data.