Txtsignal Helps Share the Music with SMS Text Marketing

By September 27, 2016 April 30th, 2020 No Comments

Did you know SMS text marketing is the perfect tool for internal communication? It streamlines bulk texting and makes it easy as pie! For example, Texas Christian University (TCU) and Tyler Junior College (TJC) have both used txtsignal to reach college band members by the masses.

Jeremy Strickland, Director of Bands at Tyler Junior College, absolutely raves about our txtsignal services. (We think you’re pretty great too, buddy!)

“txtsignal is quick, effective, and easy to use. My students love it! They’re on their phones all the time so it fits easily into their normal routine. We are finding more and more that students do not check their emails. Texting has become one of our primary means of communication,” said Strickland.


The life of the average college student can get pretty hectic. Between class schedules, extracurricular activities and the ever-important social scene, these students are constantly on the go. And the one thing they’re never without? Their cell phones!

As agendas change, game day schedules get moved around, or new events pop up, Strickland is able to notify the entire band at once, in seconds!

Between marching band, jazz ensemble, drumline and more, this has been a huge stress- reliever at TJC. With txtsignal, you can divide your contacts into multiple lists to target your messages to the right group. Or you can text all of them at once! Whatever you need done, we’re here to help you and provide some peace of mind.


“I first discovered txtsignal in an online youth ministers forum. Several different pastors were going on and on about txtsignal and how well it worked at communicating with their youth groups,” Strickland said. “The correlation to marching band is almost the same, and now I’ve been using the platform for almost eight years.”

During football season, TJC uses txtsignal 5-10 times a day, 5-6 days a week. During off-season, the band still sends out around 10 texts each week.

“We even use it to communicate with fans that want to come see us perform – it’s great!” said Strickland.

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