SMS for Churches Part 3: Boost Internal Communications

By September 18, 2017 May 28th, 2020 No Comments

Note: this article is the third of our five-part series on how churches and youth groups use text messaging. You can read our second article on increasing your congregation’s engagement here.

In a church, internal communications obviously means the pastors and staff, but it can also mean the senior leaders, small group leader, Sunday school teachers, ushers, and volunteers. With good communications, a pastor’s Saturday night can be just a little more restful. With good communications, leaders are able to make sure that the service comes together. Ok, how?


Volunteer Recruitment & Coordination 

“Seek and ye shall find.” Indeed. Most church leaders learn quickly that asking for help is key to providing a great experience. Sending a text to a group of contacts (e.g., ushers) will help you fill the spots you need filled for Sunday morning.

Using txtsignal’s easy grouping features, a church leader can communicate with one, two, or several groups to coordinate with volunteers. In these situations, it might be common that a few volunteers are not able to assist with the needs, but by sending clear communications to all potential volunteers, it helps uncover those volunteers that can help.


Staff Alerts 

What do you do when inclement weather occurs and it would be better for staff to stay home? What about warning your church co-workers of bad traffic accident en route to the church or the event everyone is attending? A quick, mass text message to staff can go a long way towards making the operation run smoother.


Daily Motivation 

Church leaders are typically familiar with a daily devotion and certain passages that motivate. Why not share these moments? In txtsignal, a church leader can schedule an entire series of daily motivational message (a feature we have aptly named Message Scheduling).

Of course, if a church leader is inspired in the moment, they can also send a motivating mass text message right from their phone too (we call this Remote Broadcast).

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