SMS for Churches Part 1: Get More From Your Events

By September 16, 2017 May 1st, 2020 No Comments

A church congregation is a valuable community that anyone can take part in. In order for any community to commune, you need good communications.

These days, the fastest and most reliable form of communications is SMS (text) messaging. For a decade, we at txtsignal have proudly served churches and youth groups with quality, easy-to-use communication tools and super fast messaging. 

While building a really neat tool is fun, we are always more impressed with the different ways in which churches and youth groups use txtsignal.

This article is the first of our five-part series on how churches and youth groups use SMS text messaging. In this article, we’ll be exploring how SMS can help you get more from your events. Click here for the next article on increasing your congregation’s engagement.


How to Get More From Your Events

Events are a huge part of a church or youth group’s function, and SMS text messaging can really help  drive more successful church events.


Drive RSVPs with a Link

Getting people to RSVP to events is always a challenge for the organizers. Many utilize to an online system of some kind to help track who’s coming and who’s not.

With txtsignal, you can paste the RSVP link into a text message and that link will be one tap away for your potential attendees. And, with txtsignal’s built-in link shortener, you can save space and track exactly how many people have received your text and how many click your RSVP link.

This is a great way to connect with people that are on the go to make sure that the go to your event.


Increase Funds Raised

Fundraisers these days can be everything from donut sales to silent auctions. Whether your church is large or small, these fundraisers usually have a very specific purpose.

A text message to the congregation can serve as a reminder about the upcoming event. And, if you have a fundraising web page, you can include a link with the text.

The practical effect is: spreading the word about the cause, giving details about the event, and providing alternate ways for your congregation to leverage their resources.


Easy Navigation with One-Tap Addresses

Using txtsignal, you will know that your text messages will be read on a mobile phone. One of the cool, default features of all smart phone is if you put in an address, that address will be one tap away from displaying the phone’s map app.

So, send a text with an address, the address appears as a link in the text, the viewer taps the link, and (wham!) the map app opens with the address ready for navigation. The result: no more “where is it at” and no need to even type out the address.

Whether it be the normal Wednesday night youth group, organizing a congregation-wide yard sale, coordinating an off-site march/rally, or pumping up the annual church kickball game, text messaging with txtsignal is a simple and powerful way for leaders to connect.

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