Yet more research shows that spray-and-pray advertising doesn’t work. Those of us in mobile marketing, especially SMS marketing, understand the critical importance of pin-point, well-placed, perfectly-timed communications.

To the news…

It’s really something we all know, but might not want to admit. But let’s go ahead and admit it — we hate web advertising. Ever since the first pop-up window hit, most viewers were like “Nah” (or worse). 

So, it should come as no surprise that the latest Accenture research confirms the dreadful news for web advertisers: it’s over. Or, well for now, you’re barely hanging on.

A blow to web advertising; a boom to SMS Marketing

According to the Accenture study, 42 % of the 28,000 consumers surveyed in 28 countries, say that they would pay to eliminate advertising interruptions. And, worse, over 60% of those surveyed are aware of ad blocking. More and more viewers are willing to pay for blockers because “too many ads are poorly targeted”. (See: spray-and-pray doesn’t work).

And the news is even worse for Millennials. Sixty-six percent of those 18-24 are aware of ad blocking technology. The “good news” comes in the odd stat that only 34% of those surveyed in developing countries are willing to pay for ad blocking solution.

This survey might just confirm what most astute advertisers already know: ultimately, web ads will be similar to fighting digital music. It’s a losing battle.

Of course, digital has many layers, include SMS text messaging. Interestingly, the messaging ecosystem continues to grow. As adoption of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, et al increases, receiving messages on a mobile devices becomes more accepted. BUT, the message have to be timely, and provide valuable information or a proper incentive or they will not work either. Ultimately, I believe that SMS messaging will be one of the most important parts of the marketing messaging layer for years to come.