The txtsignal Guide to Text Message Marketing

Before you walk the walk, you have to talk the talk. Here’s a quick glance at the most important terminology you’ll need to know, and a reference that you can use later!

Common Short Code – Short numeric numbers that text messages can be sent to from a mobile phone. For example, 43506. This is also the number users text to opt-in to an SMS marketing list. Offer – To incentivize customers to subscribe to your list, marketers often give something in return. This can be a discount, special promotion, or simply the promise of timely, relevant alerts.
Call-to-Action (CTA) – A statement or instruction that explains and incentivizes customers and potential customers to subscribe to your SMS marketing list. Opt-In/Opt-Out – Because SMS marketing is a permission-based marketing medium, customers decide to join your list (opt-in). If they become disinterested, they may unsubscribe from your list (opt-out).
Keyword –  Word or name used to distinguish a targeted message within a Short Code Service (e.g., Text BREWSKI to 43506; “BREWSKI” is a keyword; 43506 is a short code). Redeem Rate – The rate at which subscribers who receive a marketing message via SMS actually use what you offer them, resulting in new business.
Short Message Service (SMS) – This is the universal messaging protocol that is used to transmit was is commonly-called a “text message”. This protocol has been built into every mobile phone made since 2005. Contacts – Each customer who opts in to receive promotional messages from your business is a contact. You can send them messages and promotions via SMS.
Autoreply – When a new subscriber opts in to receive your alerts or promotional messages, this is the first message that will be sent to them. It confirms their subscription, and often includes an initial offer. Marketing Campaign –  strategic set of promotional activities that is planned with specific strategies, tactics, and a clear goal to increase success in a particular business goal.