OMG, LOL, IMHO… the telecommunications industry is always good for a load of abbreviations. FYI, when it comes to text messaging, there are two that get discussed a lot: SMS and MMS.

SMS stands for Short Messaging Service, commonly known as a “text message.” SMS was originally developed for telecommunication companies’ internal communications, but we all know that the practicality and popularity of the text message have caused it to become a part of our everyday existence.

MMS stands for Multimedia Message Service and is used when you send a picture or audio or video clip. The main difference between the two is the size—an MMS message is bigger, so it uses more data. As a result, an MMS generally costs around 5 times more than an SMS.

But what if there was a way to send the images without the cost? What if you could have the most affordable, best-in-class (SMS) text messaging service without the added cost of MMS? What if you could send up to five images for the price of none?

Well, that’s what we did: Now you can include images with your messages at no extra cost!

When you use txtsignal, you can add up to five images included (as a link) with your text messages. Even better, we’re able to provide engagement via txtsignal’s link tracking feature (yes, you can track links inside of a text message!). It’s super easy to use with txtsignal. You start a new message, type what you want, upload your chosen images, and hit Send (or schedule for delivery later)…boom, that’s it. TWITA!