Note: this article is the final installment of our five-part series on how churches and youth groups use text messaging. You can read our fourth article on driving deeper connections here.

When you’re managing a group of 10+ people, being able to get out a quick text message to everyone at the same time is very important. The phrase “everyone on the same page” should come to mind. A text message is the most time-precise, most quickly read communication medium available. Period. 

Emails are read later; broadcast voicemails are rarely listened to; and making 10/20/50 phone calls to individuals takes (a lot) of time and introduces the “telephone game” problem. 

A text message, sent at the exact time you need, will be read by all on your list within seconds of being sent. With txtsignal, these day-to-day communications become easy and a church leader has the most powerful way to communicate to many people right at their fingertips. Below are some examples of the day-to-day use of mass text messaging.


Emergency Text Alerts 

A church can be a beacon within the community; and it should be. If there is inclement weather approaching, the church can send a congregation-wide text message that can include a warning, but also any preparations and resources that are available for needy families.

The same option is available for road closures near the church. And, being able to send out a message to let everyone know there has been a rain-out of an event that’s about to occur is very practical.


Crisis Response Team 

Many churches have a team of volunteers that respond to local crises. This team of individuals is rarely in the same place, so when an emergency occurs, an appointed person can send a text message to this team letting them know where and when to stage their response.

This team (and the church’s presence) in these circumstances shows why the church is an important part of the fabric of the larger community.


Text Message for Time or Venue Changes 

Anyone that has ever coordinated an event at church knows — it never goes exactly how you planned. Often times these changes are about the when (the start or end time) and the where (room 1 vs room 2; Starlight Bowling Lanes not Allstar Movie Theater).

These changes will happen in the moment, so being able to respond and communicate in this moment is a necessity. A mass text message to the group or groups of people involved make it easy for the coordinator and clear to attendees.