Text Messaging for Any Organization, in Any Industry

Text messaging can improve communication and attract customers in businesses and organizations of any size. Here are just some of the many ways that people are using txtsignal.


Raise awareness in your community, engage your customers, and ultimately increase sales.

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Connect and engage with your customers, and generate new business with text message marketing.

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Church / NFP

Churches & Nonprofits can use text messages to coordinate staff and volunteers in seconds.

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Sports / Teams

In sports, managing schedules is a major priority. Group text messaging is an easy way to keep players, parents, bus drivers, volunteers, and more up-to-date at a second’s notice.

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Events / Events Management

SMS is the best way to advertise your event, and keep staff coordinated on the big day.

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Real Estate

Instantly boost client relationships, and increase productivity for agents & sales teams.

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Emergency / Disaster Prep

Send notifications instantly when they need them most.

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City / Municipalities

Connect with your community. Use SMS to notify citizens of local events, important announcements, or invite them to leave feedback.

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Text to Download

Have an app, but not getting enough downloads? SMS is a simple solution.

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