List Segmentation

The txtsignal Guide to Text Message Marketing

Segmenting your list allows you to better tailor and target your incentives and offers. Customers respond to marketing that makes sense for them. By strategically segmenting, you can make your text message marketing relevant and much more engaging.

When to Segment

Say you have multiple locations. You may want to have a special to promote a new product that’s only offered at one location, or boost sales on a low-performing menu item in one region, or host a fundraiser for a local high school.
Or, say you have stores across the Eastern coast of the United States. It looks like a heavy snowstorm is going to hit the Northeast, while everyone south of the Carolinas will be enjoying a more mild winter.

You can select only customers who have signed up at stores in one location, or in a region, and create a highly-relevant, targeted message and offer.

“Snowmageddon is on the way! Use code WINTERISCOMING at checkout for 20% off sidewalk salt.”

“Join us for a fundraiser for Eastside High School! Ten percent of all proceeds at McGeddon’s on Friday, Sept. 23 will go directly to the Eastside Athletic Boosters.”

How to Segment

Segmenting is a powerful tool that can delight your subscribers with highly relevant information and offer. Setting it up is as easy as setting up a new keyword.

With txtsignal, you have unlimited keywords. First, plan out what segments you want to create (different locations, different interests, etc.) Then set up a unique keyword for each segment.

For example, ARCHICKEN for your location on Archer Road, OSUCHICKEN for your location near campus, FRANKSBAR for bar patrons, etc.

Then, when you go to send or schedule a message, decide which lists you want to send to. It’s that easy!
Of course, if you want to send a message to everyone on your list, you simply select every segment.