List Growth Best Practices

The txtsignal Guide to Text Message Marketing

You’ve grown your list with a combination of word-of-mouth, some physical collateral, and creative ways of integrating your call to action in your other marketing messages. Now it’s time to tie that all together.

Brand Your List

Your business is a brand, and every interaction a customer has is a touchpoint – an opportunity to build, strengthen, and leverage that brand.

Leverage branding your your list itself! Giving it a name and even a logo immediately offers credibility with your customers.

To take a page from social psychology, exclusivity is a powerful driver of human action. Offer something that only your subscribers have access to – whether that’s a deal, or being the first to know about new updates. You can even call your SMS program a club – after all, “Join Our Exclusive Text Club” sounds a lot more enticing than “Sign Up to Receive Updates.”

In addition, showcase the value of membership on your list. Use phrases like “mobile-only offers.” Then, give them that value.

When they sign up, there’s a sort of courtship period where you have to make sure they know your list is worth staying on. When subscribers see that value early, they’re much less likely to opt out.

Multiple Channels, One Brand

Our data has shown that one of the largest influencers on mobile list subscription is the call to action – text this keyword to this shortcode for this offer.

Every marketing channel you currently use is an opportunity, but to pack the most punch, coordinate your call to action across every one you choose to use.

Here are some of the top tips we’ve seen from our most successful clients:

  • Use visual appeal with bold colors and a strong design to make people take notice.
  • Use clear language in your call to action. Make it concise and easy to join.
  • Use multiple reminders across different touchpoints where your customer interacts with your brand.
  • Use instant gratification where possible! People respond to high value and immediate results.