The txtsignal Guide to Text Message Marketing

An autoreply is exactly what it sounds like – an automatic reply to a subscriber when they sign up.
This has three parts:

Confirm subscription. First things first, let the subscriber know that they’re subscribed! This usually takes the simple form of the name of the list, or you can thank them in a more customized message.

Offer something. This is why they signed up! If your offer to entice subscribers was a discount, this is where you give it to them. Or, if they signed up for alerts, let them know they’ll start receiving those alerts.

The most impactful offer types are, in order:

  • Price-based offers
  • Time-sensitive offers
  • Location-based offers
  • Product-based offers
  • Similar product-based offers
  • General, nonspecific offers

Feel free to combine a few of these to pack a real punch!

Compliance text. SMS compliance is a big deal. With txtsignal, you’re always 100% covered from a regulatory standpoint, so you don’t have to worry about it. We’ll automatically add the text you need, which will look something like “Reply HELP for help. Reply STOP to stop. Msg&data rates may apply. Msg freq may vary.”