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What is a text message (SMS)?

SMS stands for Short Message Service. It’s the same thing as “text message” or “text”, or (our preference) “txt”. SMS or text message are short messages that can be sent and received by a mobile phone. (If you don’t know about text messages, there is still hope — we promise!)


Can my phone receive text messages? Can someone text me?

Since 2004, all mobile phones have had the ability to send SMS text messages. Each phone has an account or plan, so the user’s account or plan determines whether text messaging is enabled. (These days, most mobile plans typically include text messages).


What is the advantage of using text messaging?

As the saying goes, “Brevity is the soul of wit”. Text messages are a short, inexpensive, and convenient way of communicating. According to research, the adoption of mobile devices is in the billions worldwide and a device is nearly always in someone’s hand. Text messages arrive right in someone’s pocket, no matter where they are. Email is still really useful, but for short communication, text messaging is the best.


Can you guarantee delivery of every text message that I send?

No. And no group text messaging provider can guarantee delivery. While we have had very good performance for nearly a decade, we still rely on the mobile carriers to deliver the message to the mobile handset. If delivery issues occur, our support team openly and transparently shares whatever information we have regarding the delivery of messages (our support team is just an email away!).


Can I change the number or set a name that you send my text messages from?

Yes. We enable you to set an account identity or user identity that goes out with every message (the default is the Account identity you’ve set up; this can be updated on the Settings > Account settings area). Your recipients will *always* receive their messages from our short code –43506.


How much do text messages cost to send using txtsignal?

It depends on your price plan. Each price plan comes with a block of outbound text messages (inbound are free) and an Additional Message rate, for any messages sent over the limit.


Do you roll over credits from month to month?

Yes! We roll credits over if you don’t use all of yours in a month, for up to a max of one month’s worth of messages.


Do I need to sign a contract?

txtsignal is a pay-in-advance approach with no contract requirement. In fact, we do not offer or require contacts for our services. Once you pay your plan fee, you have that plan for 30 days to use as you see fit. If you need to change the plan, there are no switching fees.


Can I pre-pay for several months or a giant block of text messages?

Absolutely, but you’ll need to contact our support team to make arrangements (support@txtsignal.com).


Do you have termination fees?

No, we do not have any termination fees when closing your account. You manage your plan, your features, and whether you use the account or not…it’s up to you.


Do you charge for incoming text messages?

No, incoming messages (keyword joins or replies) are unlimited and included.


Are my contacts’ carriers going to charge them?

Typically no. Of course, that depends on the carrier and the contact’s plan with the carrier. But, most carrier plans include a certain number of text messages per month with many offering unlimited text messages in their more popular plans.


Where will I see replies to my outbound messages?

All replies will show up in the All Messages stream. (And you can reply back to these replies).


Is there a time limit on when someone can reply to my messages?

No. If someone replies to a message you send, we will bring this back into your account for viewing in our Message Stream.


Can I send group text messages with my account?

Of course! txtsignal was made for this very purpose.


Can I send a single text message?

Yep! It’s super easy too. Start typing the contact’s name or number, select them and then type your message. (And, you can send one message to a handful of contacts…just type their name/number in the To field and keep selecting contacts until your happy).


How do I change my plan?

Log into your txtsignal account, click Settings, go to Billing, and pick a different plan.


How do I update my credit card info?

Log into your txtsignal account, click the Settings, go to Billing, and Expand the Credit Card area.


How many characters may I include in a text message?

Our typical group text message will have 140 characters available. This also depends on when you select the Account brand name or your user name to be pre-pended to the message. (If you have a really long Account name or User name, we will take up truncate the name slightly, so you’ll have a minimum of 140 characters).


How quickly will my contacts receive my group text messages?

Typically, your text will arrive on their phone within a few seconds.

Please keep in mind, the delivery of the message still relies on the carrier; during very busy times, the carrier’s network (itself) could experience a delay.


How many messages can I send?

It depends on the plan you have. And…we have custom plans that range up to 2,000,000 messages per month. Contact our support team for details (support@txtsignal.com).


What if my contact doesn’t receive my text message?

There are a few possible reasons why a contact might not receive a message:

  1. Numbered Entered Incorrectly. Sounds silly, but it happens; double-check to make sure you have entered their number correctly.
  2. Contact Not Opted-In. We can not deliver a text to a contact that has not opted in (meaning, when they are added to the system, we send them a message, the contact must reply with “Yes” to be opted in).
  3. Text Messaging Not Enabled on Plan. It’s rare, but the contact must make sure they have text messaging enabled with their carrier to receive messages.
  4. Server-Based Text Message Block. This might appear odd. Their phone-to-phone text messages will be working fine; but your message might not be getting through. The contact might need to confirm with their carrier that they do not have server-based text messages blocked.
  5. Miscellaneous. Other reasons could include: they haven’t paid their bill, they are out of their network range, or they don’t have any text messages credits (usually with pre-paid phones).

And of course our support team is always available to help you troubleshoot any cases that don’t fit the above explanations.


What is a keyword?

A Keyword is a unique term (letters and/or numbers) that you pick that enables your customers to “text-to-join”. Basically, potential contacts can use *your* keyword plus our short code (43506) to get added to your account. A keyword in your account can be assigned to any group (or subgroup) that you have set up in your account.


How does a Keyword work?

You set up your keyword in your account (e.g., YOURKEYWORD). Then, a potential contact would start a new text message, send the message To: 43506 (our short code), and in the body they would type “KEYWORD”. After sending the message, they’ll be quickly added as an opted-in contact to your account.


Can I have any Keyword I want?

If the keyword is available, it’s yours! You can check for keyword availability at any time.


Can I have more than one Keyword?

Yes. You can have as many keywords as you would like. In fact, that’s what separates our service from any other…we give you unlimited* keywords.

* Unlimited does have a few caveats. Essentially, the keywords should be on active accounts that are being used for some real purpose. We do monitor for, and will take action against, any account that is misusing, abusing, or attempting to re-sell keywords. This is uncool and we will not tolerate this kind of use. Most any other active use is fine.


Can I advertise my keywords online (web, blogs, Facebook, etc)?

Yes, but you have to follow some regulations (not ours, but industry standards). Step-by-step and custom-fit instructions are provided in the Keyword section. You should be able to copy/paste the following:

To be added to our texting list, text “YOURKEYWORD” to 43506 Important: Terms of Service &Privacy Policy. Message frequency may be periodic. Msg & Data rates may apply To cancel, send STOP to 43506 at any time.


Where is my data stored? How do you protect my data?

All data that is associated with your account is stored in an SSL (secure socket layer) protected server. You are able to add users to your account. Only authorized users and personnel have access to your account. We advise you to protect your login credentials; if someone other than you has your credentials they can log in. We store all of your information in a national, best-in-class hosting provider that guarantees 24/7/365 security and staffing.


Who owns my data?

You own your data. You can export your contact information at any time by clicking Settings > Account Settings > Export.


How long does it take to start an account?

It should take you just 2-3 minutes to get set up. The trial account is equipped with all the features of our Basic plan and is free for 30 days. With the Basic account, you’ll be able to add up to 100 contacts and send 60 group text messages.


Do I need any other software to use txtsignal?

No, txtsignal is 100% web based and will work on almost any modern web browser. You do not have to install txtsignal onto your computer, and you also never have to worry about upgrading. We do all of that for you.


Can I use txtsignal from my mobile phone?

Yes! In fact, our Remote Broadcast function enables you to send us a simple SMS text message (with a special code) and we will relay your message to all contacts in your account or group you signify. Contact our support team for details (support@txtsignal.com).


Can I use txtsignal on my Windows machine?

Yes. We recommend the Firefox or Chrome browser. The default web browser on Windows (Internet Explorer) will work; but we have found that Firefox and Chrome provide a better experience.


Do you place any ads in my text messages?

No. We do not use any advertisements in your messages. Your messages are yours.


Do you sell any of my or my contacts’ information?

No. In fact, we are one of only group text messaging service that confirms, in writing, that will will not sell any of your information. Check out our Privacy Policy for details.


Do I need to supply the contact’s carrier?

No. When we send an opt-in message to new contacts, we will determine the carrier. An opt-in message will be sent to the contact no matter how they are added — via keyword, web entry, or contact invite.


Can I import my contacts?

You have the ability to invite as many numbers as you’d like. All you’ll need to do is create your list of mobile numbers separated by a comma, copy/paste that into the Invite Contacts box. Please note that we are required to send an SMS text message to the given contact requesting them to opt into your list. You are shown a Preview of what this invite would look like on the Invite Contacts window.


Do you have any affiliate selling options?

We are open to distribution and sales of the txtsignal product. Please contact our support team (support@txtsignal.com) and they will put you in contact with the right team member.


What is a short code?

A short code is a number to which an SMS or text message can be sent. A short code is fewer digits than a 10-digit telephone number. For example, a short code could be 54321. A short code may be specific to one mobile operator or “common” and supported by all major mobile operators. Our fully-compliant short code is: 43506.

We pair short codes with account keywords to make growing your contact list really easy.


Do you provide custom SMS services?


The current txtsignal service is meant to serve many different types of organizations, from small to large. However, after trying a free trial, if you are looking for custom text messaging or SMS solutions, we would be happy to discuss your needs.

In addition to the ready-to-use application, we can provide the following services:

    • Short Code Business Planning
    • Short Code Procurement
    • Short Code Monitoring
    • Short Code Integration Services

Our team has over ten years of experience in the field and are very experienced with incorporating all of the rules & regulations regarding text messaging into custom solutions.