Group Messaging for Cities & Municipalities

Connect with your community. Use txtsignal to notify citizens of local events, important announcements, or invite them to leave feedback.

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Bring the Community Together

Keep citizens informed and build community by sending information straight to their pockets with SMS. Did you know that 82.1% of people open every text message they are sent? Our group messaging service makes it simple to reach a large amount of people in seconds, with a very high read rate.


SMS Boosts Event Attendance

How many more people would be involved in their community if they only were more informed? A lot. That’s why SMS is so great. Relying on local bulletins and even social media pages isn’t always reliable. Once someone subscribes to your list, they’ll be informed about every fun community event or important bulletin, instantly no matter where they are.

Keep Citizens Up-to-Date

It can be frustrating to arrive at a park, only to find out it’s been unexpectedly closed, or to be late to work due to a long detour. txtsignal makes it easy to broadcast announcements regarding park closures, road closures, etc. You can simultaneously broadcast these updates to your Facebook & Twitter accounts, to keep all your bases covered.

Multiple Ways to Connect

We offer much more than just group text messaging. Get the message out to your community in a variety of ways and save time on your end. Learn more about our features here.

Open Up a Dialogue

With txtsignal, people can also reply back just like with a normal text message. Get your community involved by allowing them to text in their concerns.

Share to Facebook & Twitter

Schedule texts and social media posts at once! You always have the option to share your message to Facebook & Twitter, so you can reach a wider audience.

Track Interest with Keywords

All of our accounts offer unlimited keywords (special phrases you create for a simple way to text-to-join your list). Advertise several keywords in different places and track which ones are most popular.

Valuable Feedback via Text

Insert links into your texts gain helpful insights about their community. Send surveys about a particular issue, or to ask attendees how they felt about a community event.