FAWN Leverages Txtsignal Freeze Alerts to Salvage Florida Winter Crops

The State of Florida is known as Snowbirds paradise. With warm, tropical year-around climate, the Sunshine State is often revered as a safe harbor for those seeking shelter from frosty temperatures up north. According to NPR, this is the third year in a row in which “the lower two-thirds of the contiguous U.S. are likely to see warmer-than-average temperatures.”

Despite the forecast for warmer-than-expected Winter weather, Florida farmers take winter months seriously. Though warm weather is expected this season, many of Florida’s staple crops require temperature monitoring to keep them from freezing and potentially dying due to sudden declines in temperature.

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SMS for Emergencies: Hurricane Irma, Propane Tanks, and Text Messages

150+ MPH winds, along with the massive force of a surging ocean are headed right for you and will make landfall in 6 days…what do you do? Some people chose to leave Florida altogether, but that’s not an option for many folks, whether by choice or circumstance.

The answer is: Get ready for whatever Mother Nature can throw at you. That’s what you do!

This story is about how two completely different companies came together and solved an emerging catastrophic problem.

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