Mass Texting & Bulk SMS.

Schedule messages, organize contacts, track engagement, and more.

Connect instantly with premium communication tools.

Schedule messages, organize contacts, track engagement, and more.

Group Messaging Made Easy

Reach your contacts the way they want to be reached – SMS.

Easily add new contacts with unlimited keywords, track contact growth with Insights, and start your messages from any screen.

Our comprehensive features will save you time and keep your audience updated.

Build Contact Lists In A Snap

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Keywords are the fastest way to build your contact list and txtsignal is the only service that gives you unlimited keywords. Using keywords, your contacts can text-to-join right from their phone and you’re ready to message them seconds later.

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Contact Invites

If you have a list of numbers already, we have designed an invite process that is super easy. Just copy/paste in your list of numbers and we will handle the rest.

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Social Media Integration

We also send invites out on Facebook and Twitter. And, posting to social media couldn’t be easier. With our one-click social media integration, your campaigns will be instant as an SMS text message and automatically posted to social media.

The SMS Messaging Features You Need

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Group Messaging

Send bulk text messages to all of your contacts at once, without the hassle. Send messages from any browser and ­your recipients will receive your message as quickly as a standard text message.

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Message Scheduling

Create messages in advance and schedule them to be sent at a time in the future. Conserve your own time while ensuring that your message reaches your contacts at the best possible time for them.

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Alternate Email Sending

If your contact prefers email communication, no problem! Contacts can always manage their own preferences, and your messages can easily be sent as an email instead of a text.

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Custom Auto-Responses

Create custom replies that are sent automatically when someone texts in your keyword. Add links to coupons, your website, your app, or anything else you can think of to make the experience more valuable to your customer.

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Remote Broadcast

Whether you’re out of the office or the internet is down, it’s easy to send group text messages from your cell phone. Send to all of your contacts, or a particular group and they’ll receive your message in seconds.

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Unlimited Contacts & Groups

No matter which plan you choose, every account comes with unlimited contacts and unlimited groups. We’ll never restrict how many connections you can make, or how you need to organize them.

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Everything You Need For Messaging

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Contact Insights

Track growth with Insights. Measure engagement, view contacts added over time, and track how your contacts prefer to receive correspondence.

Private & Secure

We used the highest level of security (256-bit SSL encryption) available to commercial markets. So rest assured that all of your data —and your contact’s data- is safe with us.

Easy Replies

When a contact receives your message, they can reply directly from their phone, just like a normal text message. Replies only go to you, the sender, so you can connect with your contacts on a more personal level.