Our design, development, and support teams are headquartered in Gainesville, FL. Gainesville is a town immersed in technology with support from the University of Florida, the City of Gainesville, Alachua County, and the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce. We are a local company that wants to have both a local, regional, and national impact.


We are a team of individuals with a focus and passion for making products that make connecting with audiences easier.


We created a bulk text messaging service in 2004 because we thought the world needed a group text messaging platform that was easy-to-use and intuitive for people who weren’t particularly tech-savvy. After renaming that original product to txtsignal in 2006, we have spent the last 10+ years making the changes that make sense, while maintaining simplicity.


We are a business with a startup pace, but we’re not a startup. We have an experienced team of designers, developers, and business leads that strive to provide a quality service at a solid price. Our company has grown thanks to the support of our clients, and in turn, we do our best to support them.

Contact Us

Do you have grand ideas that involve using text messaging? Do you need help planning short code or SMS based marketing efforts? We are well practiced and experienced in providing everything from planning to custom development that uses SMS to ongoing compliance monitoring.

Drop us a line at support@txtsignal.com, or if you’d prefer to tell us something anonymously, you can always leave us feedback here.