What am I charged for?

Your price covers outbound text messages only. If you send out a message to 100 contacts, we will deduct 100 credits from your account.

What are credits? How are they counted?

credit is equal to one outbound message. Meanwhile, any and all inbound messages are 100% free, including any keyword text-to-joins and replies. Some examples of credits at work…

  • If you send a message out to 50 contacts, that would count as 50 credits
  • If you send a message out to 5,000 contacts, that would count as 5,000 credits
  • If 20 (or 200, or 2,000) contacts join via keyword…0 credits
  • If 10 (or 100, or 1,000) contacts reply to your message…0 credits
Am I charged for contacts joining my list?

No. All inbound messaging is free, so contacts joining your list is 100% free.

Am I charged for replies to my messages?

No. Again, any inbound messages are free and included with the price plan you pick.

Can I get custom pricing plan?

Yes, absolutely. We can accommodate accounts of any size –from small business to large enterprises that needs millions of messages. Our support team will work with you to size your needs and create a pricing plan that works.

Are Unlimited keywords really unlimited?

Yes…by most normal people’s definition.

We do monitor accounts for misuse (e.g., adding a keyword and every other prefix or suffix) or abuse (e.g., squatting). This type of stuff is uncool and we would take the appropriate action.